The Inspection Process For Eyewear

The trend of outsourcing production is gaining increasing popularity as globalization turns the world into one huge market. Among these products, eyewear from countries such as China constitutes as a big part of outsourced products. However, the concerns regarding quality and standard are always present in the business’s mind when eyewear is outsourced- because a … Continue reading The Inspection Process For Eyewear

Importance of Health

Health is a condition of complete physical, mental and social prosperity. For a healthy life cycle, an individual needs to have a decent diet and needs to routinely work out. One should likewise live in a legitimate haven, take enough rest and have great cleanliness propensities. All in all, how would we guarantee that we … Continue reading Importance of Health

Write Your ISB Essays to convince the Admission Committee

Students applying to the Indian School of Business have to write three mandatory ISB Essays. Students who are reapplying have to write an additional essay. Students applying for scholarships have to submit another optional essay, the scholarship essay. The closing date of applications for the first round is September 15, 2011. Though there is enough … Continue reading Write Your ISB Essays to convince the Admission Committee