How to write a college paper

Let’s call the signs of college papers, which allow us to understand that its’s done correctly.

How to write a college paper:

1) Small volume. The author writes capaciously, the reader quickly runs through the eyes;

2) Free structure (composition). In pure form, works of this genre have no strict structure. It is allowed to start right away with the arguments, then move on to the problem statement;

3) Stating a problem. In spite of the fact that the plan for writing an essay has a free composition, the idea of ​​the writer should be developed around one problem stated at the beginning of the text. All the arguments voiced in the main part are obliged to illustrate it and smoothly bring the reader to the resolution. In conclusion, you must explicitly or indirectly voice your thoughts;

4) Individual style. It doesn’t matter what essay you write: historical or philosophical – a bright and rich language, original style should be its obligatory feature. This tradition takes root in journalism. When writing an essay, it is important to “include” personal charm and make your text alive, not like others;

5) Figurative and aphoristic speech. The essay covers the best features of artistic and publicist styles. Both are characterized by figurativeness and metaphor city.


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