Write Your ISB Essays to convince the Admission Committee

Students applying to the Indian School of Business have to write three mandatory ISB Essays. Students who are reapplying have to write an additional essay. Students applying for scholarships have to submit another optional essay, the scholarship essay. The closing date of applications for the first round is September 15, 2011. Though there is enough time, getting prepared early is very good as the applicants can write their best essays. ISB is ranked as the 13th best in the world by Financial Times. The competition for ISB admission is very strong. The admission essays are also a key factor that decides a student’s selection for the MBA program.

The Essay Prompts for 2011 Admission Essays
Admission essay questions for the 2011 ISB admission essays have been made available and given below. Each essay should have less than 300 words.

• Essay1: Please detail your two most significant achievements. These could be either professional or personal but relevant to your application to the ISB.
• Essay2: Where do you see yourself three years after you graduate from the ISB?
• Essay3: Please provide additional information, that will significantly affect the consideration of your application to the ISB
• Essay for Reapplicants: How has your profile changed from the time you last applied to the ISB?
• Scholarship Essay: Why do you think that the ISB Scholarship Committee should consider you for scholarship?
Admission Essays should be written for the Admission Committee
It is very important for the students to understand that the /ISB essays are written for the admission committee so that they’ll be persuaded that you are a worthy addition to the batch of students joining to follow their program this year. These essays do not reach any other audience. Therefore, ISB essays are special and nothing general need to be written in the essays you write for ISB. Read the essay questions few times carefully and understand what they ask you to write about. Make the maximum use of 300 words you are permitted to write for each essay to prove your suitability.

Follow these Tips when writing the ISB Essays from CheapEssaysOnline
The essay prompts have been designed deceptively to get the responses from applicants to reveal their character traits and attitudes. Each MBA application essay has to show a different aspect of your self.
For the first essay, write about two achievements that can reflect your desirable traits like leadership, courage, perseverance, honesty, vision and ability work in a team. In answering this, essay question number two, two answers are expected from you. First is why you want to join ISB and second is what your career goals are. You have to look into future and set your career goals keeping in mind that you will be armed with a prestigious MBA from ISB.
Third essay is a lottery prize and you can use it to compensate any of the shortfalls like borderline grades etc. with your other accomplishments like sports or social work.

Get Help to write you best ISB Essays
Though ISB essays are personal and must be written by the applicant her/himself getting a little essay assistance from correct sources will make the essays more attractive to the committee. When considering the competition for admission and the value of getting a place in the next intake spending a little money for services of a good essay writing company can be a good investment. Do not hesitate to contact an outstanding essay writing company to help you in your admission quest to one of the top universities in the world.


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